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GOSSIP- Part 6 "The Gossip Columnist"

Revisiting the gossip from the HOLLYWOOD STAR newspaper.
Finally getting published in hardback form.
If you missed it when it was originally published or want to review it, now you can.


and much more! 

CHER bought daughter CHASTITY a black customized Van for her 11th birthday. Cher said she could drive Chastity around in it, or that their chauffeur could! She rented a restaurant for a private party and Chastity's name was even on the matches! KATE JACKSON was one of the celebrities there. (Note: Cher is now a "he." Good for him.)

I spotted a hot newcomer in "FRIDAY THE 13th." His name is KEVIN BACON. He was in a heavy fuck scene, which could have shown more, but it was sufficient for me. JEANNINE TAYLOR was the girl getting all of the action. Kevin has a look that will, or should make him a star. (Dakota: Well, I guess I was right on this one.)

Author of TYRONE POWER's biography, HECTOR ARCE, died of a heart attack at the age of 44. The book was titled, "THE SECRET LIFE OF TYRONE POWER." And he was sued by LINDA CHRISTIAN, a former wife on Tyrone. Not for writing that Tyrone was bisexual but writing that he couldn't satisfy her sexually. LISA MITCHELL, a California author, blamed the publishing system, rather than Arce for the sexual vulgarities in his two books. His earlier book was GARY COOPER-AN INTIMATE BIOGRAPHY,

"TEA AND SYMPATHY," actor JOHN KERR is now a criminal lawyer. (John retired as an attorney two years ago.) KERWIN MATHEWS sells antiques in San Francisco. BETTY HUTTON just keeps announcing comebacks and comebacks and comebacks. (I wish she could comeback. The media never gave her much attention when she died.)

"THE SHINING," got clipped. Unknowing to the public, people from the studio went into the projection booth at the Chinese theater and edited the end of the film. If you saw it when it first opened, you will remember that at the end of the film, you'll recall that the ending was at a hospital and then a shot to a picture on the wall with Nicholson in it. Now, they have eliminated the hospital scene. This came from theater manager, Elmer Haines.

Sitting in the back row of the Chinese theater, an off duty usher sitting there, suddenly pulled out his cock from his cut-offs and said, "Touch it. I just want to feel your grip." No I didn't and he doesn't work there anymore.

This is a hot one that we really find hard to believe. Bodybuilder, MIKE SMITHFIELD, says he was having sex with ROBERT CONRAD and Conrad told him he had knocked up his daughter, when she was sixteen and that she had to have an abortion! He said Bob claims to be in love with her and that he has photos of her in a bikini, all over the walls of his Encino home. We can't find anything to back this up but if they are true, B-a-ah, B-a-ah, black sheep. But, doesn't Bob live in B'rer or Bear County or something like that? Manson claims Conrad hit on him too. See the Manson chapter.

I just received a "hot-line" tip from someone who worked with DAVID BOWIE on, "THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH," who said Bowie balled nearly all of the stuntmen while filming in Mexico. Regardless...Cheers...Mr. Bowie. I had a trick who had had sex with several stuntmen too. Seems like there is a gay clique among stuntmen.

ESTELLE WINWOOD, 93, has just finished filming, "MURDER BY DEATH," and has done more interviews for the film, than any of the film's stars.

MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV, who knocked up actress, JESSICA LANGE, is probably wondering what Lange's husband, Spanish photographer, PACE GRANDE, thinks about the hole...er whole thing.

And BROOKE SHIELDS was seen dropping ice cream on a friend's head...in an elevator. When told she should try to act her age, she replied, "I'm a star."

JOHNNY CARSON's wife, Joanna, was seen wearing a T-shirt that said, "Gossip Columnists Stink! How would she know unless she got close to them?

Seems like we got our Suzies mixed up when we said SUZIE QUATRO used to go with PENNY MARSHALL, but now lives with SONNY BONO. That's another Suzie. Sorry. When we err, we tell it.

BURT LANCASTER has left our list of used to be, to....Super-Stars who are! Know what I mean?

Impersonator, CHARLES PIERCE is known as a male actress. It reminds me of JOYCE HABER saying REX REED is a female Rona Barrett.

GREGORY PECK's Waldorf Towers suite was burglarized for about $200 in cash and two wrist watches. One had been given to him for Christmas by his pal KIRK DOUGLAS. They suspect the burglar masqueraded as a chambermaid.

I enjoyed the phone conversation with NICK NOLTE, who said, "I'm not a conversationalist." (We talked for over an hour.) Nick's mother, Helen, who lives in Phoenix, is a real live wire. She sounds like a lot of fun. We, too, talked for a long time. She said Nick liked to drink salty dogs (grapefruit and vodka with salt on the rim of the glass).

When I was in Paris, "MY NAME IS NOBODY," was showing in Italian with French subtitles. So, this left me out completely. I decided to see "PAPER MOON," three times at the Dragon Theater on the Rue de Dragon just off Rue St. Germain. Since I was staying at the Dragon Hotel, (pronounced Draah-goon), it was something close to do. I also learned that the French male hustlers speak three or four different languages.

PAT BUTTRAM at the annual Friars lunch, said, "If PATTY HEARST wanted to stay lost, she should have hired my agent.

A burglar, while burglarizing a Beverly Hills home a few years ago, discovered a former actress asleep on her couch in the den. So, in addition to losing her television set, she got her pussy stretched. And she never reported the burglary until the thief was safely away and she never did report the alleged rape. And although the burglar is a habitual confessor, he wouldn't tell me the actress's name, who was a former big star. (C'mon Ron Watson, whose the gal?)

My London spy, Ms. Tiffany, (singer Roy Tierney), tells me JOAN COLLINS used to be a hooker, prior to becoming an actress.

I remember the time HOWARD HUGHES wanted to see the movie, "THE THREE FACES OF EVE." He was arguing with the studio that had the film, so he made arrangements with the manager of the Hollywood theater to send the film to his home, two reels at a time, after it ran in the theater. A cyclist picked up the reels, took them to Hughes's home, (where he ran them on his own projectors), then had the cyclist run the reels back to the theater and return with the next reels. The manager, Bill Quann, received $100 for his efforts as well as a pay-off to the projectionist and assistant manager. That's what money can do for you. And at other times, he and a body guard would approach the manager of a closed theater and ask them to re-run the movie for him, which they did for $$$$.(Of course $100, in 1957, was a lot of money.)

GARDNER McKAY, (remember him from his "ADVENTURES IN PARADISE") series. Well, a caller informs us that he is into enemas. This is another strange way to have sex, but I guess it does tingle your tingler....or prostate....or whatever. (Gardner is now in "Paradise"....he died a few years ago.)

How big is NICK NOLTE's cock? Well, this is usually in our letters to the editor section. Hard, it is 10". Adequate, to say the least.

Is it true BOB EVANS is suing some publication for $10 million dollars for saying he was gay? Well, it wasn't us Bob. (We had better re-check our list.) But, where does handsome Alain Delon sleep, when he stays at your place? Just asking!

Whenever PHYLLIS DILLER cooks, it's called, "Burnt Offerings." (It's a film title, dummys.)

ORSON WELLES sunbathes nude in his Laurel Canyon pad! Wonder if anyone really cares?

It seems that rock groups, when they go to Japan, let their hair down and get carried away. I was told GRAND FUNK, did a gig there and raped one of the male stage hands.

A mugger tried to rob DEBBIE REYNOLDS in New York but a 64 year old man came to her rescue and kicked the guy in the balls.

STEVE McQUEEN is getting a kick out of walking around Hollywood unnoticed. With his beard and sunglasses, he was able to eat in the studio commissary and not be recognized. In the beginning of his career, he used to walk down Hollywood Boulevard, hoping he would be recognized. That was after his first film, "THE BLOB," and he thought he was the new JAMES DEAN.

I was told MARTIN SHEEN once picked up a homosexual for sexual purposes but he (Sheen) wanted a three way, which included a female prostitute. The homosexual said, "No way," and got out of the car, right Donny?

DIDYOUKNOW that famous gossip columnist, HEDDA HOPPER appeared in more films than CLARK GABLE? She appeared in over 100 films while Gable appeared in 66.

NICK NOLTE, the star of "THE DEEP," told me that on the RICH MAN series, he drank a couple of six packs before he did the drunk scenes on that program. The producers were thrilled with his performance until they learned he was really drunk.

Both WARREN BEATTY and JACK NICHOLSON have a reputation of being real studs and Nicholson used to cruise Sunset Boulevard and other areas looking for beaver. He once tried to pick up two girls at the same time and they worked for the L.A. Star porno paper.

BILL ADLER who was seen at the SIDESHOW LOUNGE with a gal whose name I didn't get, were waiting for the late showing of STAR WARS at the Chinese theater. Being late, he handed me his glass of wine and said,"You finish this. We're late." Bill's latest film is, "MIDNIGHT AUTO SUPPLY," with MICHAEL PARKS. Bill reneged on the nude centerfold, but said he might do it later. Bill was one of the leads in, "THE POM POM GIRLS," with ROBERT CARRADINE.

ELTON JOHN, who recently came half-way out of the closet in a Rolling Stone Magazine interview, has been seen at the TUBS in Hollywood, a gay steam bath! I guess orgies can be fun, but I prefer my tricks, one at a time.

JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT did a photo session with artist KENNETH KENDALL who is finishing a bust of Jan. In appreciation, Kenneth Kendall gave me the famous bust of James Dean. The deal on the photo session was through me and Jan's agent, DICK CLAYTON. "Thanks Ken, it really brightens my room." And thanks Dick for your cooperation. (Note: I left the bust of Dean at Kenneth's for safe keeping while apartment hunting and he never gave it back!....the asshole!)

WILLIAM HOLDEN, now old and wrinkly, is back on top with the publicity he has received for, "NETWORK." Just a couple of years ago he appeared in a small budget film titled, "OPEN SEASON," which starred PETER FONDA and Holden's name never even appeared on the advertising, although he did get a screen credit. He was a very good actor during the fifties:"LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING," "THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI," "THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG," "PICNIC," etc. Oscar roles, (and not Oscar performances) don't happen too often. Many parts are just that, so well written and strong that whomever plays the part is bound to be nominated. The best example is "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY." Sinatra knew it would be a comeback for him and with some persuasion (The GODFATHER was true), he got the part and he did make an Oscar comeback. (Dakota: I would like to add that in my opinion TOM HANKS in "FORREST GUMP," was one such Oscar written role that any other actor could very well have played the role and won. That also goes for "PHILADELPHIA," which was the first AIDS subject, oriented, script. Prior to these films, Tom Hanks was not a bankable actor. MICHAEL KEATON was big as "BATMAN," but he hasn't been able to appear in any other role that big. Yet, the momentum of all of that keeps them going. But, I find Tom Hanks less exciting than many of today's top actors.)

PAUL SCHRADER, author of "TAXI DRIVER," will direct, "HARDCORE," the film WARREN BEATTY wanted to attempt, until HARRY ("DEEP THROAT")REEMS was convicted on obscenity charges. Now that the higher appellate court has reversed that conviction and the government won't retry the case, COLUMBIA PICTURES will be the company with enough nerve to do the film. With some of their recent flops like, "Nickelodeon," they need a big film that will be a sleeper, but if it fails to do that, then the porno venture would be too big a gamble for them to take. Warren Beatty, ever since, "SHAMPOO," when he had the nerve to show his bare ass while simulating pumping his cock into Julie Christie, wanted to make the first X rated film with big name stars. "HARDCORE," wasn't hardcore. George C. Scott was looking for his daughter who got mixed up in prostitution and he searched adult business establishments looking for her.

DIANA HYLAND died in the arms of her lover, JOHN TRAVOLTA, and this is an experience that will remain in his memory for the rest of his life. In "THE BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE," on TV, Diana played John's mother. In real life Diana was in her late thirties and she never let her friends know she was ill with cancer.

ROD McKUEN wouldn't say whether or not he was gay when he was interviewed by the press in Florida where he joined gay leaders in their boycotting ANITA BRYANT...or is it oranges they are boycotting? I always get them mixed up. Anyway he said he has been attracted to men as well as women and that he has a twelve year old son. "So, whatever label you want to put on that, you can," said Rod. ANITA BRYANT, whom I vaguely recall from the distant pass, is having a ball or two, with all of her free publicity from her Anti-Gay movement. But, it does keep our mind off of the things like Carter's 58c tax on every gallon of gasoline and $5.00 coffee prices. Sales of oranges have dropped off, (Bryant was the spokesperson for oranges), so who knows how powerful gayness is in America? I remember when President Johnson's aide, was arrested for having sex with a man in a public restroom. Washington is full of closet cases, as is the whole country. When will we leave people's private sex lives up to each individual? And I keep getting reports that Anita Bryant's husband is bisexual! Maybe Anita is jealous because she is getting a little old and there aren't that many men around that find her desirable anymore.

POLANSKI is alleged to have taken the thirteen year old girl to JACK NICHOLSON's home where ANGELICA HUSTON was later nabbed for possession of cocaine. Fortunately, Jack was away in Aspen. I've been told by many people that Jack is heavy into the drug scene too. Also, that his Oscar performance in "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST," (the scene after his alleged lobotomy in the film), was shot while he was under the influence of real drugs. Whether or not this is true can't be proved by me, but the new breed of directors believe in the use of narcotics, alcohol, or whatever means necessary to get a desirable performance from an actor. Is this really acting, or is it conditioning a person to fit the role in a natural way? To me, an actor can portray a person who is supposed to be high, without actual drug stimuli. That's what acting is..."talent that can create lifestyles and patterns." If an actor has to be drunk..to do a scene as a drunk, then the camera is merely photographing life..not the art of acting.

RIP TAYLOR, that crazy funnyman, wasn't so funny when he nearly ran down a man in the parking lot of the GIPSY, (a gay disco Supper Club on La Cienega). Seems someone stole a potential trick from Rip and he was actually pissed off. Was the trick's name David? Ask, John the bartender, from another bar, who drove off with the trick.

It's not true that RICK NELSON was arrested for child molesting," stated columnist, JAMES BACON during a phone conversation. That alleged arrest was to have occurred approximately, three or four years ago. Bacon further stated, "I researched the rumor myself with the Los Angeles Vice Squad and found no fact to the rumor." He also added, "A few years ago there were similar rumors about GLEN CAMPBELL. I found no basis for those stories either. some fag probably started those rumors." Well, certain informers told this columnist that the GLEN CAMPBELL story was not fictitious and that pay-offs had been made in the Campbell incident. Whether my sources have the untold facts or not, can only be confirmed by persons in the know such as a police officer involved in the alleged complaint or a parent of the alleged victim. A person named Bluestone told my informer. I don't think there was an actual arrest of Ricky, but I was told he had been caught on Mulholland Drive, with a male minor. And that was when he was told to never portray a police officer on television or the movies or they would make public, what they saw.

I received a phone call from Vail, Colorado and Lo and Behold it was ANDREW STEVENS. He was there with his wife KATE JACKSON, who was filming a segment of "CHARLIE'S ANGELS." Andrew was anxious to return to Hollywood so he could begin shooting a television show titled the Rebel. (I wonder if this is the one later titled, THE BASTARD?). Anyway, he hung up when I said his friend Don Landers said to tell him, "Hi." (Landers is the guy who claims to have been Andrew's lover at one time).

One of DEAN MARTIN's ex-chauffeurs, is telling everyone in town...who will listen, that he used to drive Dino to MOLLY BEE's daily for a bit of head. Molly Bee used to be a famous country/western singer. If the guy is Dean's ex-chauffeur, who else would know better?

NEIL DIAMOND, completed a drug education program, for which he was sentenced after his arrest on drug charge.

In my interview with the "HAPPY HUSTLER," MICHAEL KEARNS, he denied ever making a porno movie. Well, JASON DeWITT aka Bob Red and Jesse Dean says, "Michael Kearns did make a porno movie. I was in the film and he was sucking my cock." The title of the film was "California her I Come." I phoned Mike to confirm the story and he admitted it. He also added, "Do print it."

SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER is still shook up over the death of Natalie Wood. He flew in for the funeral, as everyone should know by now, and he was often a guest at the Wagner home, whenever he visited Hollywood.

ALAIN DELON's address, for those requesting it, is #42 President Kennedy Avenue, Paris 75008.

A phone caller, late at night of course, said they saw LAUREN HUTTON at "Peanuts."
Lauren Hutton! Who's she? Wasn't she in "VIVA KNIEVAL"? Anyway, "Peanuts" is a lesbian disco on Santa Monica Boulevard. Does the caller imply...lesbianism by association? There are fag hags you now...persons who like to hang out with gays.

JACK LARSEN denied he was one of MONTGOMERY CLIFT's former lovers, as was mentioned in the book, "MONTY." Seems Jack won't talk with our source anymore, since he seemed to be trying to jerk Jack out of the closet. JIM BRIDGES who Jack lived with for many years, died and now Jack says they were companions.

ZSA ZSA GABOR panicked when her television set stopped working. But, when the repairmen arrived all four sets were out, thus eliminating the one set problem. (Zsa Zsa has a large projection type in her master bedroom.) Seems a cable had been accidently cut and as Zsa Zsa drove off, she backed into the service man's Van. $850 in damages to her Mercedes and $300 to his Van. Well, Zsa Zsa is a nervous sort.

DONNA SUMMER through her numerous attornies has stated she is not bisexual, as we had written in the paper. Therefore, our sources, an ex-top record exec, and a famous recording group, must have lied to us. Our apologies Donna. If and when you do eat pussy or have your box chewed on by a dame, let us be the first to know, all right?

PAUL LYNDE was known for tricking it up with rough trade, (hustlers who rough up tricks). And we printed the fact that there were always motorcycles parked around his home in Beverly Hills. Amyl-Nitrate, or a substitute substance similar to it, was found in his blood. Amyl-Nitrate or "Rush", are stimulants which, when inhaled, causes the blood to rush to your head and makes your heart beat faster. It's also supposed to stimulate your sexual climax. Well,it stopped Lynde's heart! (It's been suggested that Amyl-Nitrate breaks down the body's immune system and makes it a target for AIDS.)

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